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Energy Services South Infrastructure Construction Solutions combines commitment to excellence with a powerful safety motto to complete the HALI Pipeline Project. The new pipeline ensures safe and efficient delivery of Utica condensate to Ohio refineries.

Efficient, Safe, Connected

Energy Services South (ESS) just raised the bar when it comes to pipeline infrastructure solutions.

With the completion of the Harpster to Lima, Ohio (HALI) pipeline project under budget and slightly ahead of schedule, the PLH Group oil and natural gas pipeline construction company contributed to the streamlining of the state’s refineries thereby greatly improving the efficiency, safety and economic soundness of its’ delivery of liquid resources.

The 49-mile, 12-inch HALI pipeline connects two Ohio refineries and transports from Harpster, Ohio to a tank farm in Lima, Ohio. It is located just outside of the Utica Shale formation and wells, but draws from them in eastern Ohio and is one of three Utica Build-Out projects from MPLX, a Marathon Petroleum Company partner.

Altogether, the three pipelines are designed to safely and efficiently deliver key liquids (condensate, natural gasoline, diluent, butane) and provide pipeline connectivity of refineries to the Utica Shale production throughout the Midwest, namely Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois. The $500M project will have a daily shipping rate of up to 50,000 barrels.

ESS HALI Pipeline was subjected to a multitude of rigorous tests and passed with flying colors. “Everything tested really well,” according to Ryan Schroeder, Business Development Representative for Marathon Pipeline. “We’re very happy with the quality that we got.” (Source:

The HALI project was slated for completion in July 2017, but became fully operational on June 30.

“The Harpster to Lima Pipeline attests to the hard work of our employees and our commitment to continually exceed our client’s expectations,” said Paul Sparkman, ESS President. “Being under budget isn’t an unusual circumstance for us,” he continues, “we are always striving for excellence in service while maintaining extremely competitive pricing.”


In every project accomplished, Energy Services South Oil Pipeline Construction has a prominent safety message that first values the health and safety of their employees.

To finish a project of this magnitude (450 contractors worked 1M hours in less than a five month period), it seems like ESS has some sort of secret weapon.

But no secrets here. A highly regarded value remains constant in every project taken on by ESS, and that is safe and healthful working conditions for all employees at all times. The company’s core safety message is concise and always front and center: ‘People are our most important asset and their safety, our greatest responsibility. The safety of our employees is a major consideration in all of our operations.’ “No job is so important that we cannot take the time to do it in a safe manner,” Sparkman says.

“People are our most important asset and their safety, our greatest responsibility. The safety of our employees is a major consideration in all of our operations.”
–Energy Services South, Safety Message