Integrity Services

Energy Services South provides inspection and repair services to ensure ongoing integrity of the pipeline from start to finish.

Our crews have years of experience in building launcher and receiver pigging facilities for the natural gas industry and in using pigs in the construction process as required by the project and client.

Scope of Services

Preparation for Pigging Device

  • Fabricate and install launchers and receivers
  • Remove or replace pipeline restrictions (valves, fittings and drips)
  • Cleaning and drying services with scraper, chemicals and caliper pigs
  • Pig run assistance
  • Restriction repairs (dents, gauges, etc.)

Assistance with Pig Run

  • Site preparation and stabilization
  • Liquid-handling facilities installation
  • Pig-tracking hardware installation
  • Marker placement
  • Pig handling
  • Anomaly verification digs

Anomaly Investigation and Repair

  • Anomaly Investigation and Repair
  • Recoating
  • Composite sleeve reinforcement
  • Mechanical leak clamps
  • Weld-over sleeves, split sleeves
  • Pipeline modifications
  • Pipe section isolation, stopple fittings
  • Welding and weld repair
  • Hot tapping and plugging
  • Pipe repair, replacement or retirement (abandonment)

Additional Pipeline Integrity Services

  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Investigation of low potential areas
  • Line lowering
  • Construction of shoring boxes to inspect anomalies
  • Revetment work, ROW restoration and maintenance
  • Pipeline re-classifications
  • Take-up and relay projects
  • Reversals

More Services

Pipeline Construction

Station Facility Construction

DOT Maintenance & Upgrades

Emergency Services