Training and Orientation

The safety and welfare of our employees, subcontractors and the public comes before anything else

Our Orientation and Training programs offer a mentor program, DOL safety programs, orientation programs, refresher courses, daily briefings and specific operator training courses.

Additional Programs

We have additional training programs developed to promote a long term highly skilled work force that are focused on safety, quality and efficiency.

ESS and our sister companies maintain over 300 active training courses, dealing with all areas of construction and safety, with subjects including OSHA and PHMSA training, fire-fighting techniques, First Aid/CPR/AED, PPE selection and use, Job Hazard Assessment and Jobsite Safety Audits, Accident/Incident Investigation Techniques including Root Cause Analysis, cathodic protection systems, pipeline design and engineering practices, hydraulics and electrical systems, engineering Professional Development Hour (PDH) courses, and hundreds of other safety, trade, and professional subject areas.

All records of training are maintained in real time, training records for individuals can be accessed immediately, and are current to within 24 hours of any report.

Operator Qualification (OQ) Program

ESS performs DOT functions for several clients, maintains a DOT PHMSA compliant OQ Program with active training, and adheres to all DOT requirements in the area of OQ. ESS maintains qualified OQ Evaluators on staff to meet the changing needs of our clients.

IndustrySAFE Software

ESS utilizes IndustrySafe for recording and trending of accident/incidents, job hazards and observations, inspections, corrective actions, and industrial hygiene. ESS utilizes these metrics are part of our Leading Indicators of Safety program, formulated to anticipate potential hazards and address them before they occur. ESS managers are able to produce customized reports in any format using whatever metrics they choose.


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