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The HALI–Harpster to Lima Ohio pipeline project—is a crucial link connecting other oil and natural gas partners throughout the Midwest. Before it began, or went ‘live’ in 2017, everyone knew it was a giant undertaking—a grueling pipeline project—that would be difficult in the winter and spring months but that would have far-reaching benefits to the midwestern states it was connecting.

However, the outcome was greater than the sum of its parts. The ‘parts’ were the more than 450 contractors who worked an estimated 1 million hours to complete the project. Two of these companies were subsidiaries of PLH Group; Energy Services South (ESS) constructed major portions of the pipeline and Southeastern Directional Drilling (SEDD) provided directional drilling.

The project—Marathon Petroleum Corporation [MPC] $500 million investment—required copious amounts or coordinating, cooperation and communication in order to finish the massive 50-mile pipeline connecting the Utica and Marcellus shale production in southeast Ohio to Midwest regional markets, which expanded MPC’s infrastructure from Harpster, Ohio to Lima, Ohio, and even to Canada.

Marathon Petroleum completed the HALI Pipeline Project ahead of schedule, [under a year] and slightly under budget, received an award in November, 2018 from the Construction Users Roundtable (CURT). Marathon Petroleum received an award for managing safety and culture challenges [using CURT’s Owner Safety Blueprint principles] to produce strong safety performance in a tight timeframe.

Shortly thereafter, MPC acknowledged Energy Services South who played a major role by demonstrating excellence in every way, by saying “You should be in this photograph.” For ESS, this was much appreciated as a team player in a winning proposition that exceeded expectations in more ways than one.

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