Energy Services South, a pipeline construction contractor proudly joins the ranks of being Gold Shovel Standard Certified

Energy Services South (ESS) pledges safety as a core value. The organization’s commitment to upholding this value has been emphasized with ESS deservedly earning the Gold Shovel Standard (GSS) certification, further protecting workers, communities served, and underground infrastructure.

Excavation-related damage to underground utility installations occurs every six minutes in the United States. Energy Services South — an experienced energy services contractor that has earned an industry-leading reputation in pipeline construction, station facility construction, DOT maintenance and upgrades, and emergency call-out work — is not only dedicated to quality performance, but also ensuring the safety of all employees and communities served.

“In an effort to enhance an already robust excavation safety program, ESS is now Gold Shovel Standard certified. This means that every ESS or subcontractor operator that engages in ground disturbance activities will have completed the vigorous GSS training curriculum. This standardization of training only enhances the operator qualification process,” said Bill Hopstein, Safety Director, Energy Services South.

Gold Shovel Standard strives to improve workforce and public safety, as well as maintain the integrity of underground infrastructure, through greater transparency of damage prevention among buried-asset operators, locators, and excavators. The non-profit organization works toward this goal through the establishment of standardized damage prevention measurements and metrics, innovative partnerships between utilities, ShovelSafe technology for analyzing and tracking damage prevention performance, and the broad adaptation of damage prevention safety management systems, which include strict management commitment and standardized field operator training. The integrity of the program is maintained through consistent monitoring of excavation activities, data reporting, and frequent audits of active GSS member companies.

“ESS is proud to be Gold Shovel Standard certified and ready to do our part in eliminating line strikes,” said Hopstein.

Energy Services South is part of PLH Group, Inc., a leading North American full-service power line construction, pipeline construction, and specialty contractor that serves the electric power line, pipeline, oil field electrical, and industrial markets. Other GSS certified PLH Group entities include Edison Power Constructors, Snelson Companies, Southeast Directional Drilling, and TTR Substations.