Pipeline and Gas Journal featured an advertisement for the proven quality and safety Energy Services South, LLC provides with their complete oil and gas pipeline construction solutions. As a premier North American pipeline company, Energy Services South thoroughly and proficiently completes pipeline infrastructure projects of any size.

The highly-trained professionals at Energy Services South recently completed a significant project — Marathon’s Harpster-to-Lima Pipeline. This large-scale project consisted of 49 miles of condensate pipeline with a maximum capacity of 50,000 barrels of condensate per day. Energy Services South successfully completed 18,000 feet of horizontal directional drilling and 5,300 welds, which were verified through x-ray. Not only were these impressive results completed to compliance, on-time, and under budget, but also zero injuries were recorded throughout the entire duration of the project.

For more information about how Energy Services South can deliver quality and promise safety on your pipeline construction project, visit Energy Services South or call 281-301-2400.