A recent advertisement in Pipeline & Gas Journal featured Energy Services South’s reputable experience providing complete pipeline construction solutions. With a high performing team, efficient resources, and a strict dedication to compliance, Energy Services South successfully completes work of any size, including the massive Harpster-to-Lima Pipeline project.

The scope of Marathon’s Harpster-to-Lima Pipeline project included replacing 49-miles of condensate pipeline to connect locations throughout the Midwest. Energy Services South collaborated with fellow PLH Group company, Southeast Directional Drilling, to safely provide significant project work on-time and under budget. Southeast Directional Drilling performed the directional drilling, which then enabled Energy Services South to successfully complete major portions of the pipeline project. The completed project allows Marathon to now transport and deliver up to 50,000 barrels of condensate and natural gas to energy partners throughout the Midwest.

In addition to Energy Services South and Southeast Directional Drilling, PLH Group’s Snelson Companies, Inc. and Pipeworx Ltd. also provide expert pipeline solutions reliably, safely, on-time and within budget. Together, the companies offer an array of services with seamless collaboration and expert project management. These services include pipeline construction, system integrity and anomaly repairs, station and facility construction, replacement projects, maintenance and horizontal directional drilling.

To learn more about how Energy Services South and its partnering PLH Group companies can serve you with your next pipeline construction project, visit plhgroupcinc.com or call 214-272-0500.