Inside Safety Scoop: ESS Crews Complete Veriforce Training

Veriforce is the nation’s leader in regulatory compliance for Operator Verification Qualification, Drug & Alcohol, Safety and Training monitoring. Energy Services South, LLC (ESS) is an open shop contractor that builds and services pipelines and station facilities for the oil, natural gas and CO2 industries. On any given day ESS has multiple crews, constructing, servicing, replacing and/or responding to pipeline emergencies. Safety is paramount to the wellbeing of the crews. ESS partners with Veriforce to obtain the training, knowledge, skills and abilities to perform work in a manner that ensures the safety and integrity of the job in the oil and gas pipeline industry.

Jared Culpepper and JD Harbour of ESS completed the Veriforce Evaluator Training last week. They are now joined with other ESS Qualified Evaluators, raising the total number to seven.

“We are proud to have Jared and JD join the others in this training, we recognize that unusual conditions may be encountered while performing a particular task. The Veriforce training demonstrates that technical knowledge required to perform equipment selection, maintenance, calibration and proper operation, including variations due to environmental differences is completed,” said William Hopstein Safety/O.Q. Administrator for Energy Services South.